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All sales are final and sold as is. We will not be responsible for ordering the wrong size however we may offer store credit in the case that there is a major flaw if we did not note it in the listing.But please send back to us within 48hours after receiving the item.

Booking is allowed but payment must be made within 24 hr. Payment not received within the period mentioned will automatically be cancelled. If you intended to book more than a days, a small booking fee of 50% based on value of purchase is needed(If you need more time to complete your purchases please just let us know)

The condition of the garment will be noted on the listing so please be sure to review the item carefully prior to purchasing. If you would like additional information about a particular item (more pictures) feel free to contact us, we are always happy to assist. Please use the 'enquiry/order form' on the page-scroll down to see. All enquiries are responded to in a speedy & courteous manner within 24 hours.

Once the item has been sent out to you,Mabrook E-Store/Mabrook Biz Network will not liable in the event of loss of package during delivery.It is advisable to those intended for their item to be sent out to office addresses,to pay for POSLAJU service as it is much safer & secure.

Discrepancy of around 0.5” should be taken into consideration due to different ways of measuring

Colors may slightly vary or may not from what you see on your monitor from the actual piece. This may because of monitor resolution or picture tube variances

Allow 2 days for us to do the shipment & 4days for wholesale shipment.We only use traceable mail services such as POSLAJU /POS Parcel from POS MALAYSIA

We do ship internationally and accept payment via PAYPAL as the mode of payment from customers outside Malaysia.

Six Conditions (Syarat) for the Validity of Business Transactions in Islam

1 - At-Taraadhee (Mutual Agreement)
Both the buyer and the seller must willingly agree to all details of the transaction

2 - Jawaaz Tasarruf al-'Aaqidayn (Both Participants are Allowed to Engage in Transactions)
Both the buyer and the seller must be people who are legitimately allowed to engage in business transactions. They must both be free (not slaves), adults (not children who have not reached puberty), sane, and rational

3 - Milk al-Ma'qood 'Alayhe (Ownership of Property Being Traded)
Both parties in the transaction must own the property they are trading,

4 - Ibaahah al-Intifaa' bil-Mabee' (Permissibility of the Goods)
That which is being sold must be something that is halaal (permissible) in its origin

5 - Maqdoor 'alaa Tasleemihi - Dispensibility
The goods must be things that can be handed over at the time of the sale. Thus, it is not permissible to sell a bird flying in the sky, even if it is expected that the bird will return (ie. like a trained eagle), unless it is within a large cage

6 - 'Adm al-Jahaalah (The Absence of Anonymity)
Both the goods and the price must be something clearly known to both participants in a sale. Selling an unknown or unspecified item, like "one of the sheep in the pen," or "one of the garments on display," without specifying the actual item, is a kind of gharar referred to in the previously mentioned prohibition

Based on Hidaayatur-Raaghib of Sheikh 'Uthmaan ibn Ahmad an-Najdee


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